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About the artists

Jan Powałka

Jan Powałka is an artist who creates in the trend of surrealism, realism and abstraction using oil paints on canvas, but also watercolors and fountain pen. Through technique and knowledge shaped over the years he creates his own closed world. The subjects of his paintings are created while he is painting and therefore he never knows what the final result will be. The colourist painting is the pillar of his surreal compositions, landscape spaces and paintings that reflect the human condition over the years.

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Krzysztof Powałka

is a contemporary, committed and dedicated painter. His ability of creating and telling the concept of reality is combined in his oil paintings, ink and drawing arts. With determination worthy of Sisyphus, Krzysztof introduces reality into art and tells about it, by showing other ways, and sometimes a better world. Better does not mean new, invented, unreal … It is about improving and showing the reality we live in, often brutal and hideous, can be beautiful and colorful too. His works bring to light the dark side of the world: observing his enigmatic images, it might arise confrontation and thoughtful conclusions that can contribute to changes.

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Michał Powałka

Michał Powałka is an artist who has currently dedicated himself to oil painting and, with its help, is shaping his new artistic path. He creates compositions on the verge of realism and surrealism. His atworks are strongly influenced by illustration and graphic design, especially when working on the painting concept. He places the human being at the center of his artistic considerations. The human body, anatomy, inner self and the exquisitely presented deformations allow us to dig into the depth of the psychological truth about human nature.

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