Our company offers a wide range of activities, which includes paintings on commission, creation of illustrations, graphic design, models and much more. If you like the works that you can already find in the gallery, but you want something unique and original, especially created for you, you are welcome! Our artists willing to agree every challenge, providing the same high quality standards for each work! 

Paintings on comission
We are glad to offer the service of paintings production on request. Would you like something original, created from scratch, not in the gallery yet? You're in the right place! The service is available for the major categories as oil on canvas, acrylic, watercolour, ink drawings and so on. You can ask, in addition to paintings created by our artists, your portrait, a landscape with your favourite landscape or a composition completely created by you. We work with live models (in this case we agree with the customer the place, date and time), as well as (if there were no other options) with the aid of photographs (the subject shots are made by the artist himself, otherwise the customer will provide the photographs useful to carry out the work - whether it depicts a person or a landscape). If it is a painting created by the imagination of the customer, it is urged that a written project which present in outline the work to accomplish.
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obrazy na zamwienie
Book Design
The process of creating a book is one of the activities of our Gallery, by offering a unique and comprehensive design. Treating the whole book "from the idea to production" guarantees the fulfilment of all customer expectations. Artists, illustrators and designers of team Powałka Gallery realize: books, children's books, magazines, and so on. Each project requires an individual approach, starting from the general idea, going for the cover design, typography and any illustrations (drawings, photographs, graphics, etc.). On request, we offer full cooperation with regard to the choice of paper type or other material to create the pages, cover and casing of the book, as the right match between the paper structure, form and content, essential to get the desired effect. Our service also help you to the choice of printing type. Whether it's a photo album, or more volumes of a novel, or a fully illustrated children's book, the order will be completed with the utmost commitment and professionalism.
It is now recognized that picture is the most powerful means of communication, what we remember faster and more simply that established itself in our minds, staring into the depths of our conscience. So, evocative illustrations, interact with our imagination, remaining in the memory of the beholder, linking indissolubly the individual moments of personal story with the present. It is a medium which from the beginning, since childhood, shapes our personality, sensitivity, and then, together with the texts, outlines the path of our development. The illustrators of Powałka Gallery are ready to meet your expectations. In addition to the illustrations of books for all ages, in our offer you will find: commercial design, advertising illustration, educational illustration (books, games, manuals, etc.), editorial illustration.
Concept Art 2D
Powałka Gallery also offers this art form, which nowadays has definitely taken control of movies industry (including animated films), the industry of computer games and consoles, games and comic books. Literally means "art of the concept, the idea" in practice translates the creation of an idea visualisation , the presentation of the mood of a project. With the use of the Concept Art begins all that work which becomes, at this stage of the finished product, film production, gaming, digital presentation, animation, etc.  Preliminary sketches, drawings and graphics(representing for example the appearance of a character in different positions, or the atmosphere of a given environment, or landscape architecture, and even the placement of objects in a real scene, in the later stages of work on a project) are a really essential element. Especially to maintain the coherence of the whole work. Graphics and designers Powałka Gallery, after receiving the necessary information, they will create original designs, thanks to the close cooperation and consultation with the client at each stage of development, so that the final result it is up to your expectations. We offer:
- Creation of real human characters, animal characters, character, portrait, etc.
- Creating fictional characters fantasy, futuristic, modified, etc.
- Development of landscape, environment, atmosphere
- Creation of objects, buildings, vehicles
- Create complete 2D Concept Art, situations, events
Graphic Design
Powałka Gallery offers a wide range of solutions in the trade of graphic design, corporate identity and design in the broadest sense. We offer you:
- Logo design, brand, picture (possible redesign of a logo, brand, picture already existing)
- Gallery Powałka package for companies and individuals: logo, business card, letterhead, envelopes
- Posters, flyers and advertising art

- Leaflets, folders, brochures, booklets, annual reports
- Campaigns
- Billboards, large format printing on film and paper
- Signs and advertising signs, boards and bulletin boards
- Cutting plotter
- Self-adhesive labels
- Corporate calendars Design
- T-Shirts Design
- CDs and DVDs Design
- Visual identification corporate-digital artwork