How to buy?

1. The first step is to get in contact via e-mail with Powalkagallery - provide the title of the work  you are interested in, your name, shipping address and phone number. You can also contact us by phone.
2. Our Gallery within 7 working days, will send you the information about the duration of the processing time of the commission and the shipping costs (if the goods in not picked up personally).
3. If you decide to buy a work, the work remains reserved for a period of two weeks (if not agreed otherwise). The Gallery will ask you to provide the data for the invoice and a valid address for the shipping; or to communicate the deadline for the pick up in place.
4. Powałka Gallery send by e-mail a proforma invoice and ask you to pay the amount established for the work was purchased directly on the bank account of the gallery (unless the payment is not in cash at the time of the pick up in place).
5. Upon receipt of the sum to the bank account of the gallery, we will send the job to the given address (if there is no pick up in place), along with a certificate of authenticity. 
Purchases of other services from our offer:
1. The first step is to contact us via e-mail or telephone.
2. The order is executed in accordance with the agreements made with the customer individually.